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JLA Legacy OOC

Out Of Character Community for the RPG

JLA Legacy RPG OOC Community
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JLA Legacy OOC Community

Welcome to the JLA Legacy OOC, the Out Of Character community for a "Smallville Spinoff" RPG which focusses on the formation and activites of the younger incarnation of Justice League America, or as it is known in Smallville as simply "Justice League".

The story begins directly after the Season 8 pilot episode "Odyssey", and each plot will be archived as a "virtual episode". Staff will provide plotlines to guide characters in the overall storyline of each "Virtual Episode" (players will be able to contribute and vote on ideas for ongoing plots/virtual episodes at the OOC community).

If you wish to join, then you have done the right thing by joining the OOC community first, where you can find more information on how to apply for a character. You can find the IC (In Character) community here http://community.livejournal.com/jlalegacyrpg/, where you will be invited to play once you have applied for the available character of your choice and taken the correct steps to play that character. If you do not see the character you'd like to play listed, or can't find the information you need, feel free to post a message with any questions you might have in the appropriate area.

To be clear, players will only be able to become a member of the IC community when they have had their character accepted here at the OOC community. Also, while players can apply for up to two characters, try not to apply for two of the most popular, as we would like everyone to have an equal chance at playing their favourites. Besides, it might not be as fun for a person to play both Chloe and Lois since the two have a lot of interaction together and so the player would lose out on the benefits of working with another player on interactive plots/threads.

We are willing to consider all character desires within reason, even if the character is not listed as available. For example, characters that may have originally been affiliated with Teen Titans, Young Justice or simply even general DC characters, may also work as Justice League members in this Smallville RPG.

Please note, this isn't a comicsverse RPG and while elements of the DC comics may be included at times, they may be altered to suit the Smallville universe featured in the TV Show. In turn, some elements of the show that have been established may be altered in order to improve the gameplay and universe present with the RPG.


NO METAGAMING/GODMODING - Control your character and only your character, do not decide the fates of others and do not overpower plotlines or go outside of plotlines provided to you. Also, do not allow your characters to know things they have no possible way of knowing.

USE THE PROVIDED POST SUMMARY - When creating a new In Character thread, please remember to use the following "Character Post Summary";

Characters - Include the names of all characters that feature in this thread (can be edited as the thread develops)
Location - Let readers know where this thread is taking place (for example "Kent Farm, Smallville, Kansas")
When - Give a good idea of when this thread is taking place (daytime, afternoon, last week, last night)
Rating - Warn others of what content they might find in this thread, and why (for example "PG-13 - Swearing and mild violence")

USE LJ CUT - When starting a new thread, always use LJ CUT so that the content of your In Character text does not clog up the main page of the RPG.

ADD THE CORRECT TAGS - If you have started an IC thread, then please remember to include the correct tags and add to them as needed (character tags, location tags, episode tags).

NO ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR - Do not be rude to fellow players, whether over LJ, in an email or over messenger.

NO OOC CONTENT AT THE IC SITE - Out of Character content does not belong at the In Character site at all, so please do not post any of that here when there is an OOC community specifically made for it.

USE YOUR CHARACTER ACCOUNT - Each character that a player has must have a unique character account to post from when In Character, and each account must have an appropriate name. For example, Clark Kent's player may have an LJ account entitled "clark_kent_svjla".

DO NOT MISTREAT STAFF - Whether a member of staff talks to any player more or less outside of the game, there will be no favouritism that benefits any player in the game. While staff decisions may not always be ideal, please know that they are not made to offend any one player or single anyone out, and are only being made to benefit the RPG as a whole. Please feel free to contact staff over any issues, but do so politely and be patient. While all issues will be heard and considered, also know that staff word is final and we can not always tend to every concern in the way that might be best desired.

MOST IMPORTANT - Know that any severe or multiple breaking of the rules may result in you being blocked from the RPG and your character/s taken from you. We don't want that to happen, so please be nice and be patient, that way we can all enjoy ourselves without any needless dramas.

Currently Wanted Characters;

Kara Kent/Zor-El - Supergirl
Chloe Sullivan - Watchtower

Arthur Curry - Aquaman
Bart Allen - Impulse
Dinah Lance - Black Canary
Victor Stone - Cyborg
Jimmy Olsen

Possible Characters;

Lex Luthor (please contact staff first)
Zatanna Zatara (please contact staff first)
Roy Harper - Arsenal (please contact staff first)
Koriand'r/Kory Anders - Starfire (please contact staff first)
Lindsey Wah - Aura
Beatriz Bonilla da Costa - Fire
Tora Olafsdotter - Ice
Tara Markov - Terra (please contact staff first)
Isaiah Crockett - Joto
Mari Jiwe McCabe - Vixen (please contact staff first)
Any character from the L.E.G.I.O.N. of Superheroes (please contact staff first)