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The Rules


NO METAGAMING/GODMODING - Control your character and only your character, do not decide the fates of others and do not overpower plotlines or go outside of plotlines provided to you. Also, do not allow your characters to know things they have no possible way of knowing.

NO RECASTING OF SHOW CANON CHARACTERS/ACTORS - No character that has appeared on the show "Smallville" will be able to recast (there will be no change of actor) so do not ask.

USE THE PROVIDED POST SUMMARY - When creating a new In Character thread, please remember to use the following "Character Post Summary";

Characters - Include the names of all characters that feature in this thread (can be edited as the thread develops)
Location - Let readers know where this thread is taking place (for example "Kent Farm, Smallville, Kansas")
When - Give a good idea of when this thread is taking place (daytime, afternoon, last week, last night)
Rating - Warn others of what content they might find in this thread, and why (for example "PG-13 - Swearing and mild violence")

USE LJ CUT - When starting a new thread, always use LJ CUT so that the content of your In Character text does not clog up the main page of the RPG.

NO AUTO-ADDING - Don't tap other players to join your thread without discussing it with them first and getting a positive response, although Casual Plots may be Open, which means any player can join at their own choice.

NO SLACKING - Each player is required to post at least once in an Official Plot thread, every seven days, for each character they own.  Players who are seen to hinder gameplay may have to be removed from the RP.  Please let staff know if you require an extension, to avoid negative action being taken against you.

NO GUESSWORK - Have at least an above average knoweldge of Smallville, and the character you are applying for.

NO MULTI-PLACING - Unless your character is able to clone himself/herself or teleport, they will not be able to be in more than one place at a time, with the exception of Casual Plots which may occur at different times of the day.

BE REALISTIC - Remember who you are playing and don't have them do things they simply would not do.  Don't get any bright ideas about putting Clark in a ballet dress, or turning Chloe into a heroine addict.

ADD THE CORRECT TAGS - If you have started an IC thread, then please remember to include the correct tags and add to them as needed (character tags, location tags, episode tags).

NO ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR - Do not be rude to fellow players, whether over LJ, in an email or over messenger.

NO OOC CONTENT AT THE IC SITE - Out of Character content does not belong at the In Character site at all, so please do not post any of that here when there is an OOC community specifically made for it.

USE YOUR CHARACTER ACCOUNT - Each character that a player has must have a unique character account to post from when In Character, and each account must have an appropriate name. For example, Clark Kent's player may have an LJ account entitled "clark_kent_svjla".

DO NOT MISTREAT STAFF - Whether a member of staff talks to any player more or less outside of the game, there will be no favouritism that benefits any player in the game. While staff decisions may not always be ideal, please know that they are not made to offend any one player or single anyone out, and are only being made to benefit the RPG as a whole. Please feel free to contact staff over any issues, but do so politely and be patient. While all issues will be heard and considered, also know that staff word is final and we can not always tend to every concern in the way that might be best desired.

MOST IMPORTANT - Know that any severe or multiple breaking of the rules may result in you being blocked from the RPG and your character/s taken from you. We don't want that to happen, so please be nice and be patient, that way we can all enjoy ourselves without any needless dramas.

Please be sure to make reading the rules one of the first things you do when signing up to play at JLA Legacy, it is entirely necessary and will be useful to you for as long as you remain a player.
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