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Apply for a Character

Character Name: Character name goes here
Codename: Codename goes here, if none erase this line

Playby: The actor/model/musician/celebrity used to portray your character


Personality: Describe your character's personality as best you can, in at least two medium sized paragraphs

Skills: List and detail any and all of the useful skills your character might have

Powers: List and detail any and all of the superhuman powers your character might have, erase this line if it doesn't apply to your character

Weaknesses: List and detail any and all of the weaknesses your character might have

History: Give at least three large paragraphs to describe your character's personal history, paying attention to important events in your character's life.  More than a three paragraph minimum may be needed for characters who have not been featured much or at all on the show, since there is no established history to go from.

Find the Character Bio Sheet you'll need to apply for your character, here.  Once you have filled it out, simply include the completed bio in a new standalone post here at the OOC community entitled with the character's name (not codename).  To be clear, make a new post, don't comment on this post with your bio.  Also, don't forget to apply the "Character Bio" tag and make sure you use LJ cut on your bio.
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